We welcome students & individuals who would like to or are interested in learning Conservation & Restoration techniques in Furniture as well as Traditional Cabinetmaking & Fine Woodworking techniques using mainly hand tools.

You would be taught how to set and use hand planes, saws, chisels, scrapers and spoke shaves, how to recognize and work with different types of woods including veneer, how to make and use self made finishing materials such as lacquer, polish and wax.

The program and the time vary depending on what technique or techniques the applicant wishes to learn. Whether you already have some experience in woodworking or restoration of furniture or have none whatsoever but are driven by a desire and a passion for craft, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our workshop to discuss possibilities for your new adventure.

We will provide you with fully equipped workspace for your project or projects, a friendly atmosphere and full assistance on the way to achieving your goals.

As we already have some students attending tutorial sessions in our workshop on a regular basis, please arrange an appointment with us by phone or e-mail to book your place and schedule the timetables for your course beforehand.


Phone: 0742 550 9114

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